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New Book Due Spring 2022

I've written a 185-page book based on the relationship coaching and wedding ceremony officiating work I do with couples.


The book collects key foundational concepts and practices in sociology, psychology, mythology, culture studies and Indigenous thought, and presents them as a proposed “unified field theory” for cultural exploration and reclamation, especially relevant to marriage ceremonies. Concepts and tools discussed are illustrated in real life stories from the couples and families I have served in my practice.


It is an honor and privilege to serve in this way.

“[This book] is so rich and deep with wisdom, experience and love. I am savoring it very slowly. [It is] really for the whole family, including mine, and where I serve, and our broader families of graced connections. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure.”

– Rev. Lauryl Ivers, Parish Pastor and Hospice Chaplain


“A wise and charming book for people getting married, for those who love them, and those who perform the ceremonies. It’s packed with soul, wit, helpful advice and far-reaching psychological understanding of what really goes on in the ritual of joining lives and families and communities together. Read this for ideas as well as affirmation of your own heart’s imaginings.”

–  Nor Hall, Psychotherapist, Essayist and Author,

The Moon and the Virgin, Those Women, and Broodmales

“This book is medicine. I keep saying yes to so many of your practical wise tools. It helps me to stay very present and abide in a “love force” as I serve as a vessel to help all of us remember, and reconnect to a time when wedding rituals truly healed the whole community.”

– Rev. Carla Vogel, Wedding Celebrant and Hospice Chaplain

“Very insightful. I learned things I already knew but didn’t know that I knew.”

 – Marilyn Halvorson Bamford, Psychotherapist

From couples familiar with the material:

“I didn’t know this world existed!”


“We found [the book] to be true to our experience. Thinking about the power of the ritual made it more meaningful to us personally, and allowed us to better fulfill our roles in the ceremony and celebration. It gave everything a more complete perspective. And, having the awareness of the power of the ritual drew us out of ourselves and made us feel more connected to our loved ones and those celebrating with us as we realized that we were all part of something larger.”  


“The [book] gave us insight into what every loved one around us might be going through. We found that [it] helped us walk through this emotional time with love and compassion.”


“[The book was] useful in our interactions before the ceremony with family and friends. [It] helped us navigate and properly respond to a number of situations that we might not have anticipated otherwise, and contributed to our self-assurance and sense of purpose during the day’s events.”

“It was helpful getting some perspective on how other cultures see wedding ceremonies.”


“Discussing [the book] helped to make us more prepared for the day and feel less anxious.”

“The wedding secrets seemed kind of silly [at first], but, as [with] many of the insights you have shared with us, they began to ring true throughout the day. The wedding secrets saved some hurt feelings, our ceremony was wonderful, and when I look through the pictures, the joy is clear on my face.”

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